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10-23-2016, 09:00 AM
One strong attraction point of Islam is the doctrine that there is only one legitimate law maker. All other sources of law are forms of usurpation, and necessarily illegitimate. There is just one metaphysical entity or mechanism, that can create law, i.e. the singular God. When looking at the beginning of timespace, we can see that it is all-powerful in one direction -- i.e. in the direction of the expansion of the universe -- and incomprehensible in the other.

Any other source of law than the One God is simply a reprehensible disturbance of natural law and order. That is the fundamental reason why we must utterly reject man-made law.

Bitcoin does this by preventing governments from changing history, reversing transactions, or otherwise overruling the bitcoin ledger (the "blockchain"). Bitcoin does not listen to any man-made law. The bitcoin network was specifically constructed for the purpose of neutralizing and rejecting man-made law. Man-made law courts may issue court orders that we should reverse a bitcoin transaction, and we will simply not do it. Never, ever. On the contrary, we continuously seek to construct systems that are specifically designed to reject man-made law and its court orders. Neutralizing man-made law is a goal in itself. It is also the original and canonically-stated purpose of the bitcoin project: to force governments and their man-made law decisively on their knees and to restore the natural order of things.

In the following video, Andreas M. Antonopoulos explains why we must put an end to the system of man-made law, and how bitcoin helps us achieving this:


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10-24-2016, 03:53 AM
But all common laws are made by people. Allah made commandments to help people stay on the righteous path but not laws like a government creates.

10-24-2016, 06:29 AM
Originally Posted by Karl
But all common laws are made by people. Allah made commandments to help people stay on the righteous path but not laws like a government creates.
If we allow people to create original laws, then these man-made laws will end up trying to overrule Allah's laws. Therefore, we must neutralize man-made law. Hence, we must shut down the entire mechanism of creating man-made law. This is not optional. Bitcoin does this for banking and financial payments. Bitcoin neutralizes man-made law. If there will still be laws left -- in a situation in which man-made law has entirely been dismantled -- the only laws left, can only be the ones of Allah, our Beloved Master.

10-25-2016, 03:45 AM
But Allah does not enforce common laws. People can choose to follow His commandments or not. But an Islamic state can enforce Allah's commandments, but it is people enforcing the law and I don't know how they work out the punishments, as Allah is merciful. If the Angels enforced the law and punished people with the direct judgement from Allah, then things would be perfect for the Muslim community.

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