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10-30-2016, 06:11 AM
Where do you draw the line between praying, asking, insisting with Allah for something, and drawing a line and just accepting Allahs decree, that its not meant to be?

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10-30-2016, 11:07 AM
Assalamu Alaikum

I went through something very similar to this a few years ago. You should always make du'a that Allah guides you that which is best for you, maybe even pray istikhara, and then be ready to accept Allah's decree. There's nothing wrong with making du'a for something that you want specifically, but I do think we have to be sensible at times. I'm just speaking in general of course, but depending on whether other people are involved or not, you can sometimes clarify whether something/someone is worth waiting for or not.

11-01-2016, 05:46 PM
Originally Posted by TheMirza
Where do you draw the line between praying, asking, insisting with Allah for something, and drawing a line and just accepting Allahs decree, that its not meant to be?
Very interesting question : I came to the understanding that we have to accept the decree of Allah SWT even before making that dua, so i just make a simple dua by asking Allah SWT "Ya Allah, you give me what YOU know is best for me" . There is a reason i put the YOU in capitals and that is because when you emphasise this in your dua, you are actually reminding yourself and admitting and recognising many sifaath of Allah in one shot ie. that he is all knowing, all merciful, all wise, etc etc. The emphasis on YOU also is a submission that you recognised that irrespective of what you think is good for you, in reality your creator is the one that actually knows what is good for you or not.

This is only one angle to look at it from - another angle is that a person asks specifically and has the belief that Allah will meet that need, in either way you submitting belief in Allah that he is the ultimate provider - which is why i stated the first line in this answer.

11-01-2016, 07:30 PM
i dont pray at home, im in a literal hell apparently.

but when i go away to meet the people i used to know i dont mind praying wherever it may be.

...in a supermarket carpark recently, its the most ease i felt in a while.

make of it what you will, i have no idea..maybe i got it twisted.

only time will tell, the hereafter seems far away really.. because im only ever missed opertunities.

its like working for a boss that wont pay, everytime they open there mouths its poverty and disobedience they ask for..

well, mine at least.

Maybe its better to not go away. i stand a hypocrite to be judged by hypocrites..

let me guess, you find that offensive?

judge the bigger man and then maybe i would believe you.. although you would find it a lot harder to write on.

..paid in full tomorrow apparently.

maybe i will write nicer things for myself.

maybe i wrote the worst things for myself.

i have no idea?

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