View Full Version : A lesson of love to learn from daughter of Muhammad (SAW)

11-01-2016, 08:22 AM
I came along this beautiful story about Zainab bint Muhammad which I would like to share with all of you-

Zainab bint Muhammad (599— April, 630 AD){May allah be pleased with her ** was the eldest daughter of the Prophet Muhammad (Sallalu alaihi Wassalam) by his first wife Khadijah (R.A).Zainab was the daughter of the Prophet (PBUH) and her cousin Abu El’Ass, was Khadeeja’s (RA) nephew. He was one of the nobles of the Quraish, and the Prophet (SAW) loved him very much.

Their story is very touching and brings me to tears . To credit the original source(where I read it ) ,I am leaving a link .

You can read it here

May Allah give us the righteousness to keep our deen above every love. Ameen .

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