View Full Version : Islamic beliefs on instincts being corrupted?

11-22-2016, 07:51 PM
I heard that much of the evil in this world stems from natural instincts we have for survival, but which are used in the wrong way....
for instance:
a) a man desires to mate with a woman, but he must first get married, in order to start a family and enjoy sex...what does the evil one do? rape a woman, or engage in fornication or adultery
b) all people desire material comfort and security, and being able to know when they will have their next meal....the good person works hard in a halal way, the bad person robs a bank or engages in riba or white collar crime
c) many people desire influence, and especially the desire to be free from being abused......the evil person will abuse others in the process, as is the case with mass murdering dictators
d) all people desire food, so they can survive...this comes from a desire to taste good food, and live....when someone loses their sense of taste, they often starve.....but the one with the excessive love of food will abuse the body Allah swt has given them by overeating.....
what does the Qur'an and sunnah have to say about this? and has anyone else noticed this?

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