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11-29-2016, 05:09 PM
Recently I was required to do research in to faith schools and Ofsted findings since 2015. As of Sept 2015 there were 6,817 state funded faith schools in England with the majority being of a Christian denomination. There are 48 Jewish state funded faith schools (pupil population: 18,000), 18 Muslim (pupil population: 7,000), 8 Sikh (population: 3,000) with the rest being Hindu, Quaker and so on (source: Edubase DfE)Initially the focus was to be an analysis of Islamic schools however research started highlighting a surprising number of issues with Jewish faith schools. Most surprising of all was the scale of the problem with Ofsted reporting schools of promoting ‘cultural and ethnic insularity’. I’ve listed below just some of the Ofsted findings:*.Beis Aharon School: ‘the school does not prepare them for the reality of life in modern British society’,’pupils unable to show mutual respect and tolerance to people of different faiths’, school allocated just one hour a day to secular education. Inspectors found a reading book with the word “Christmas” crossed out, English is not taught until pupils are in year 4. Pupils also share a “universal view” that a woman’s only role is to “look after children, clean the house and cook”*.Charedi Talmud Torah Tashbarschool: was ordered to close after 40 years in operation as it banned children from learning English as a ‘matter of school ethos’ nor provide for any secular education ‘as a matter of religious principle’. Inspectors found it encouraged cultural and ethnic insularity ‘because it is so narrow and almost exclusively rooted in the.........https://jasmin2450.wordpress.com/author/jasmine8000/

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