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12-29-2016, 08:06 AM
Recently I had great confusion about Istikhara prayer. There is much misinformation about it. Alhamdullilah, after much research have come to a clearer understanding that will hopefully help you, inshallah.

If this even helps 1 person, it is worth it!

First and foremost, Istikhara can be made about anything, not only very important decisions. Something which you assume is right for you might be bad, and that which you assume is wrong for you might be right.

If your Istikhara comes out negative, YOU WILL KNOW 100%!!! There will be roadblocks on your path - LITERALLY.

Yesterday I made Istikhara should I visit my parents? They live 4 hours away.

After just 100 meters of driving my steering was "off". The wheel was jolting and about 10 minutes later I smelled burning rubber. The tire had completely blown out. I had to pay $140 for a tow truck and $300 to replace the tires. However, the spare tire can only go 80km/hr so I can't visit my parents. Also, it is Christmas here and my mechanic can't get tires until January 3rd. THIS IS AN EXTREMELY CLEAR SIGN THAT I SHOULD NOT VISIT MY PARENTS (at least at this time).

On the contrary, the next day I asked if I should make a website. WALLAHI, after just 1 hour I had a website up and generating traffic to it!!!

I said Astafurgllah so many times and Alhamdullilah in that 1 hour time. This is the first time I ever realized what Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) meant about saying Astafurgllah 100 times a day.

Everything went so smooth, this is a clear sign that it is good for me.

Also, there is some confusion out there about COLORS.


Last, but not least -


Some people say you should ask between 2 options. WRONG!

Ask ONE option, whether it is good for you.

If you get roadblocks, LET IT GO!

Thank you for reading.

Salam alaikum

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12-29-2016, 08:43 AM
Here is the video that helped me:

FYI, I disagree about the colors part, but everything else is accurate.

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