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01-16-2017, 10:28 PM
I am just wondering about duas that seem unrealistic for example if I ask for a castle tomorrow or if I asked that right now I turn into a horse or if I ask that I have these things pop up in front of me or all of a sudden I become big strong and muscular is that a valid dua I can make and is it no different then a dua that might seem more realistic?

Like should we have the same expectation and the same hope and belief that Allah answer either dua because he can make all things happen, he is capable of all things, no matter if it a dua that seems realistic or one that seems unrealistic?

I ask because you really don't see the ones that are unrealistic come true I have not seen ones that seem unrealistic come true in all my life so then that makes you wonder well for those duas that are more realistic is it even Allah or a God that is making that happen or is it just that because it is more realistic it's the way the world works so and it's logical and make sense how the dua would come true but the reason that ones that are unrealistic that don't come through because there's no God....

Like should we expect the same result, no matter the dua, because Allah can do anything. But then why is it that miraculous duas don't come true, and the ones that do, it makes sense how it happened and it really only happened because of things that happened in this world. If I asked for a job and got one, one would think it was because the manager liked me and decided to hire me, what does that have to do with Allah...

All of that making it seem like well, there is no God, because duas don't come true, things in the world just happened to work out, and no miraculous duas come true because there is no God.

I am not saying that I believe that I am just putting out a way of thinking or a certain logic that I'm trying to get out of my head

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01-17-2017, 11:15 AM
Islam is simple. It starts with the belief in Allah. How do we learn the ways to Allah is via His messengers..

Next comes the intentions. Why we do things?

Why do you do things?

If we remember the hereafter, it affects our decisions and possible actions. What is the purpose of the decision? For what benefit would it achieve? Is it because you can? Is it for fun? Wasteful, childish and inconsequential.

Hence, it applies to wishes the same and on this, off the top of my head, I can remember a saying about a true believer of islam, is that of a person who would wish for others what he would wish for himself. That is a wish! So what are we wishing for?


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