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View Full Version : Fake Accounts?

04-13-2017, 12:04 PM
As salam aleikum,

I'm new member here and this question has been bothering me for months.

i read this thread https://www.islamicboard.com/general...ram-halal.html

my question to relates to this as. I'm a eBay seller/ drop shipper.

I'm from canada and accounts are limited in how much we can sell monthly.

so i buy usa eBay accounts for $250 which have fake name and address. But i add my own real bank accounts
to paypal for all sales transactions. All business is halal and income i just use the accounts to make business.

i buy items and sell them on eBay using the fake account. and by me paying the person $250 for the fake account
and him giving me full rights to the account is this halal?

jazakallah kayr

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04-13-2017, 12:06 PM
P.S i buy accounts from here: http://www.aspkin.com/forums/ebay-accounts-sale/

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