View Full Version : Not having regret over past deicisions in Islam

04-16-2017, 03:00 PM
So I know that you should not say if I had done this or that, then the outcome would have been different, instead say it was the decree of Allah...

But didn't we have the opportunity to choose, and because of our decision, isn't the outcome out fault.... not that it was written for for us?

Like if I choose to eat really bad, knowing it's not good for my health, but then later my stomach gives me problems, then isn't it true that if that if I choose to ate healthy instead of bad, I would be healthy...... how can I say it was the decree of Allah? Because then wouldn't you also be saying that my choices of eating bad were decreed by Allah, and I had no choice?

Or if I had an opportunity at a good job, but was lazy and didn't want to study, and then later on I struggle financially, how can I say that was just the will of Allah, because I had the opportunity to do study and work hard for a good job, but did differently.

So wouldn't it be true that if I had done differently in those such cases for example, then my outcome would be different? How can I just put it on the decree of Allah, when I am to blame?

Then one could just cut off their hand, and say, it was the decree of Allah, when in fact if they just didn't cut off their hand, then they would have it....

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04-16-2017, 07:00 PM
Assalamu Alaikum

Because nothing in this world works without Allah's decree. That means, yes, you make the choice, but it's Allah that gives you the freedom to make the choice, so that is what is meant by it: that nothing in this world works without Allah's help/power/will.

Although I haven't really heard it said in the context you're using. If someone slashes their wrists, I wouldn't say "it was by Allah's decree." Instead, I'd probably say it if they survived when they weren't expected to.

Umm Malik
04-16-2017, 09:54 PM
When we say about past that is the decree of allah it will be better for us ...
You know why ?
Because when you say this, you will be satisfied and you will not stick around blaming yourself for some thing you can't change.
But if you say this ... it doesn't mean to stop trying to cocorrect, but to don't blame yourself more than it burden.
To say the decree of Allah for something you want to do, that is mean to do your best to reach this decree.
But to say it after that ...
it means, that if it is your fault... then you need to ask allah forgiveness and try to correct what you can do
And if it's not your fault it will be a reward ... experience and the best for you
Because sometimes we do our best and the success of this effort will be something bad in our thinking
But it will be the best
You know ... if you know your fault in the past, and you can't do any thing to correct it, if you keep blaming yourself without action you will get depressed
and you can't even think of the solution
But If you know your weakness and you know how your lord is forgiving ... you will know your fault ... ask forgiveness and look for being better
This how is better better for us to think of Allah's decree

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