View Full Version : thought are like cold water poured onto my dua

04-18-2017, 12:30 PM
assalamun alaikum

i have this one dua which i have been constantly making.. the thing is when i first made the duas i had warm fuzzy feeling and cld concentrate when making the dua but for a while now when am making the same dua..i have thought cuming into my head like..ur making the same dua again..it aint happening..why wld it be answered, it like these thought are like cold water poured onto my dua and my heart sinks but i still carry on making dua...

does this mean that subconsciously i am not trusting Allaah or being sincere in my dua...but believing in my thoughts...:?these thought are really bring me down and its hard to get rid of these thought cos they come when i make this specific dua and anda specific dua but with other dua it all fine.

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