View Full Version : How do Islamic teachings compare to Buddhist 'detachment'?

05-01-2017, 11:46 PM

The Dalai Lama said to illustrate a point in a video where he condemned the persecution of Muslims in Myanmar, that he advised his scientist friend not to build an attachment to science, because it would cloud his judgement, and that even Buddhists should not build a mental attachment to Buddhism.....Buddhism teaches that craving, especially selfish craving, for impermanent things is the path to suffering.
what does Islam teach on this matter?
i am particularly drawn to this idea, since I often obsess over women, and the idea of marriage and crushes, and often cuddle with my pillow pretending it is a girl because i suffer from depression. i like the idea that you should not build attachment to the idea of romantic love, or even a person whom you admire. i even read a buddhist writer describing how young people see marriage as a "bed of roses" when in fact life goes on....and my older sister (who is married) said something similar.....she said, "why have you got this stuck in your head when marriage is not a solution to your problems," (or, if i remember correctly, she said, "why, have you got this stuck in your head, when marriage does not solve anything....IM married, i would know...")

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05-04-2017, 07:47 PM
Salam aleykum brother, Im not sure on the Buddhism thing, im not married(still in school lol) but marriage isnt all fun and games, its not always going to be great so you need to stop thinking its gonna solve everything. Im not tryna discourage you from marriage by saying this. However, if not already maybe you should try something eg counseling for your depression. I know for many of us there is a cultural stigma around seeking this type of help but it would be a good idea. May Allah swt Bless you and reward you. :)

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