View Full Version : Are you rewarded for every difficulty?

05-03-2017, 02:41 AM
With difficulties, they are either considered a punishment or trial/test right?

And if you remain patient and have sabr during tests/trial, the reward is huge correct?

But what about remaining patient for difficulties that are punishments or a direct outcome for our actions. Like if I smoked cigarettes and got lung cancer that's on me right? Or because I sinned so much, Allah decided a car accident for me. If I then remain patient during those times, would I also be rewarded?

And to add to that, since we truly don't know if something is a punishment or a trial, as long as we remain patient and have sabr and trust Allah, we will be rewarded for that difficulty?

I guess one of my fears is going through a tough time, remaining patient, but not being rewarded for it because it was a punishment....

Just a side question too, when it comes to difficulties in life, are they always either a punishment or test, or can they be just because out of your own will you messed up?

Like if one studying hard and still failing, as long as they put in the effort and try their best, you can't blame them, it was the will of Allah correct?
But what if someone cuts off their hand or has lung cancer because they smoked so much for 20 years, would that still be considered to be a punishment/trial or just a stupid decision by a person, for which they won't get rewarded....?

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05-03-2017, 04:05 AM
Even if a thorn pricks you it expiate sins buuuttt that doesn't mean self harm will count as a trial imagine you cut yourself and your bleeding to death a painful death would allah expiate sins because of the pain or would it be your fault it would obviously be your fault because of your actions but if a trial comes your way against your will it expiate sins and gives good deeds

05-03-2017, 06:58 AM

I see exams as a huge tests.. especially with all the projects going on at the same time. But every situation is good for the believer - when he is in trial - his sins gets expiated, in good times, thanks Allah, and is grateful. - in bad times one should have sabr and thank Allah :swt: because every trial / situation (that you did not cause) is a good thing.

Allah :swt: doesn't burden a soul beyond their scope.

That is how a believer should be. We fail sometimes at that.

Allahu alam.

05-03-2017, 12:22 PM

A short answer for this in the light of our Books if that difficulty takes you towards your Rab- Lord with eeman , you are rewarded after any difficulty , and if takes you away from Allah its not.

Allah knows the best.

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