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05-10-2017, 03:48 PM
Assalamu alaikum,

I'm calling donations for this brother in need. He's sick, is looking for a job and is also taking care of his mother.

You can read his story here.


He's been a member of Ummah Forum for about 10 years and he's a great person masha Allah.

He posted this last year,


Brother Ashrav and brother Riaz etc are in more of a struggle than me I believe and i wish them the best.

I do not wish for anyone to send me money i am not here to decieve anyone or take advantage of anyone i fear Allah swt.

All I am continuing this thread is because I want my brothers and sisters dua's as they are powerful and will make my life easier.

Insha-Allah this is short term thread and soon I will find a way out.


Jazak Allah Ul Khair
And the donation page was set up just this year, I believe he had no other alternatives. He initially didn't want money and just requested duas.

No matter how little it may be, I hope you guys can help insha Allah.

Jazakallah khair

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05-13-2017, 06:52 PM
Walaikum Asalaam

May Allah ease his affairs ameen.

05-16-2017, 07:31 AM
Alhamdulillah, the brother has reached his goal of 500. Jazakallah khair for eveyone's duas and contributions.
For updates you can check out his thread here.


Update ...

Alhumdulillah !

By the mercy of Allah swt and a faith of another anon akhi I have reached my 500 goal.

May Allah swt bless this akhi who will be in my duas and all other akhis and ukhtis who suspported this campaign.

Also those who sent duas and advice.

It has been a long struggle but I never gave up believing and I will start this small business online by Ramadan and onwards.

I just hope now that this is successful and I can repay the 500 as sadqah back on ummah forum as promised.

Insha Allah I will do good with this money , dua and advice from everyone.

Jazak Allah Ul Khair to all you beautiful people. Lol my tears have dried up so being honest I dont know how to cry much now but i swear I will always be greatful to you from my heart and will always help others the way you inspired me. This battle has been hard but they say God gives hard battle to HES best soldiers.

Hopefully I will just carry out this thread when Im more well and by this year only.

Shukur Al Humduillah.

Praise be the name of Allah swt and durood salaam upon HES messenger Muhamamd s.a.w.

I will remember everyone when I open my fast today.

Peace And Love.

Always have faith !!!

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