View Full Version : Prophethood Job's difficulty is actully underrated

06-01-2017, 10:15 AM
We never seem to consider this because this is not a JOB given out frequently except for these the heavens have chosen but it still it's hell'va difficult Job when you consider it. Because imagine walking into LGBT Gathering and addressing the message to them? Subhanallah that is one difficult. Or walking into a bar full of Idol worshippers who have no legit knowlegde of the hereafter nor anything factual about GOD then trying to reason with this people?

This job is super difficult and can be emotionally distressing when you actully sit down and think about it for awhile. Example Noah(as) made Dawah for 960-years to one of the worst generation of people that has walked the earth. Just imagine the hardship it must have been on him. While our prophet did had a huge task debating for the Arabs in a era where they did not have knowlegde and imagine how hard-headed arabs are generally and they are very culturally strong people meaning they love to observe their cultures that they inherit from their forefathers so it was on before hand a huge task to be delivered.

In my opinion he has overachieved in his tasks and delivered the message to the masses as it should have been but none of it could have been achieved if it wasen't for Allah letting it happen that way. Some prophets saw their people get completely deleted from the earth. I ultimate believe some were more chelleging and started to call out Allah and ridicule the prophets to such extent that angried ALLAH(Swt) May he save us from his anger and make us amongst these he find pleasing.

But all in all the difficulty of this JOB is truly underrated and it takes someone with a true strength of character to under-go this chellenge

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