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View Full Version : The reality of Allah(Swt)'s existens alone should be able to put fear into humans?

06-04-2017, 05:18 PM
You may ask why? This is an easy answer. Allah takes oath on the destruction of mankind in surah Asr. This alone should be able to put the fear out of the day light into mankind. Why because the majestic all living one threatens with some serious oaths thru out the Quran. This should be heeded at all costs.

Because This is what an smart person would do who actully understands and can confirm Allah's existens and that his 100% real would do. Some of us think we are in hard times but this is nothing compared to what awaits us on the other side. People get beat up in the grave, punished on judgement day and not the least but the final judgement to fall will be the most painful of all. One way ticket to Hell would be the single greatest loss an individual can ever experience meaning that person will never ever experience joy and will be held in Hell-fire for eternity billions of years or trillions of years would have been considered light but here it is eternal punishment.

This is the most important aspects of Taqwa to understand and to comprehend fully and digest. there is going to be some gigantic losses on that day and the one that you and I could have never imagined before.

Both Jinn and man will experience gigantic and great losses that will condemn most of them to eternal hell-fire. May Allah save us from himself and it's said that he will be so angry that day that even Prophets will refuse to stand infront of him to ask for the judgement to proceed. It's also said that he will never be that angry again as he is on that day.

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06-04-2017, 11:26 PM

Wouldnt you like to live in a town where nothing happens?


...maybe its called retirement?

May allah swt ptotect us from such a day.

...il shut up now, sorry.

The one that follows is probably worse than the one that wrote it.

Im sorry.

...next day edit..

To be honest, most of what most people put forward is entirely aweful.

Honestly lets just hope for a guilded cage.

Or the anonimity that is freedom.

Hmm... maybe the next room will be better.

But you know what they say...

A house dont make a home.

So he says, save yourselves and your families from the hellfire... badly paraphrased.

All the while trying to lay eyes and hands all over them.

..Its a shame because i already know how i left the last room.

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