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06-07-2017, 12:02 AM
Asalaamu Aleykum brothers and sisters,

Ramadan Kareem, may Allah SWT bless all of us during this holy month. I wanted to share with you all an excellent free app that I discovered that I truly feel would help many people practice their religion properly. This app is an app that allows the user to have access to the following.

  • Prayer times
  • Qibla direction
  • Access to the Quran, transliteration, and the Quran is translated in many languages
  • Quran timer, you can actually time yourself, devote 15, 25, 30 min a day to reading the Quran
  • Here is what I like the most REPORT, this app has a feature that allows the user to actually track down the times they prayed, check off on whether they read the Quran, gave gratitude to Allah SWT, said a DUA for themselves, or prayed for another Muslim.
  • The app also has a lesson feature, each week they post a lesson and you’re allowed to either post a public comment or a private comment.
  • Gratitude feature- theres a feature in which you document the things you are grateful for. The more we give thanks to ALLAH SWT the more we get.

I came across this app and I wanted to share it with you all. The app is called FOCUSED MUSLIM, its free, its on iOS and Android below are the links. Also the app is owned by Muslims which is a plus. Wish you all the best.



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