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View Full Version : A dream for future part 2

06-29-2017, 06:05 PM
The Year 2268, may of 9. The atlantic coast of northwestern Africa, 4 kilometers outside the city of Rabat. The Caliphate.
It was late on the afternoon as the teacher and 3 of her students were walking towards the cliffs. They usually were five young boys that would accompany her, but two opted to stay due to strong winds. Going to the cliffs in those strong winds wasn’t pleasant. But this was off-school, something the teacher did in her free time to meditate. She was happy to bring students with her and those three young boys would never miss out on a chance to spend time with their mentor, not even in the strongest of winds.
The four of them sat quiet as they watched the waves batter the cliffs. Finally the teacher broke the silence: “Our forefathers, they ones that build our first schools, they were actually lived in europe and they were inspired by them.”
They young boys, only 9 years old, were taken aback. Europe was considered a poor place with a hedonistic lifestyle, tens of thousands of europeans would travel to the caliphate each year for a better future. The boys had hard to believe that men and women that changed the Ummah would choose to live there and be inspired by them.
The teacher saw the confusion in the eyes of her students, instead of interrupting her they were thinking and reflecting. Analyzing. Looking for logical explanations. Seeing that the teacher didn’t continue, one of the boys spoke: “Surely then Europe must have been a much different place. Much better than todays Europe?” he suggested. And suddenly the teacher were aware how little history these boys knew, how young the really were.
“My dear boys, europe back then weren’t better. They would still disrespect the children and the elderly. They disrespected the marriage. They used women as objects. They would kill their children inside their mother’s womb. They drugged themselves as they do now. If anything, things were even worse back then. Back then, they even had special occasions every friday and saturday were they would drug themselves.”
If the boys weren’t baffled already, they surely were baffled by now. How could our forefathers be inspired by them? If the boys knew history they would immediately understand why.
This part would hurt the boys, but she knew she had to let them know the truth of our Ummah. Today she would tell them:
“My loved ones, our ummah was in such bad shape, that europe back then would seem like a paradise for many muslims, so many fled to europe as refugees”. The complexions of the boys went from confused to sad as the teacher continued: “The muslims would fight each other, they would kill each other. The Ummah were in millions bloodied pieces. And the education? It was terrible, even relative to the west. So yes, they founders would find many inspiring aspects of the west. “
The discussion would continue, and the teacher would continue telling them how humiliated the Ummah were during 1900th and 2000th centuries. They boys would soon be walking towards the school saddened of this new information. Each and every one of those boys would promise the teacher that they would never allow the Ummah to return to its humiliated state. And they asked Allah that this would be the case.

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06-30-2017, 08:17 PM
So the question stands - do we want this future? And if so, what are we prepared to sacrifice?

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