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02-21-2018, 07:10 PM
This is the Question that is very common in the People who go for the Hajj and Umrah, that is Ziyarah of different places in Makkah and medina are important or not? For those, I have researched a bit and come to an appropriate ANSWER!

Well, Ziyarah is not the part of prayer. Ziyarah is done by the people as it is being practiced by their ancestors so it becomes traditions well-doing of Ziyarah have the great importance even if it is not a part of the prayer but Allah Almighty and Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said many times about the Ziyarat and its importance as following,

Ziyarah is Quran

Allah says in Quran,


Ziyarah in Hadiths:

The holy prophet (P.B.U.H) said ones while addressing his followers as follow, “The one who will come to my dome after my death will be like he or she meet me during my lifetime.”

Purpose of Ziyarah

The purpose of doing Ziyarah is to fulfill the wish of Allah Almighty and his prophet. But the question is why they said this so? What is the purpose do doing Ziyarah? Well here is the ANSWER! The purpose of Ziyarah is to make a person remind of death. That everyone has to go the Allah After the lifespan on this earth, so we may seek forgiveness and to do righteous before we reached to Allah Almighty. In this way, a person comes close to Allah when he starts doing righteous, and Allah also pays him back with peace and Happiness. Ramadan Umrah Packages UK Including Flights is the best way to visit the Ziarahs of Holy Land of Makkah and Madinah.

Ziyarah and knowledge

Doing Ziyarah of the holy places impart us with a great knowledge, as it is the interest of all the Muslims to know about their past, their origin and the places. So, doing the Ziyarah of them gave us the great knowledge which is the wish of every Muslim to know it is noticed that many of the Muslims around the world.

Ziyarah and Belief

When a person gets to know about the history of their Islam and about the people and their sacrifice for Islam this gives us the good impression and we get motivated by them and sensation of doing something god in the name of Allah Almighty rises in us. We then start to do something righteous so that we may be able to get happiness from Allah. In this way, our beliefs get stronger on Allah. When we get to know about their lives he gets the message of patience.

And we also start to do patience’s and get better in your dealings and activities. And when we compare the circumstance in which we are living and they were living we thank Allah and become closer to him. The basic mean of Ziyarah is making a person closer to Allah and renew his Iman. So, it is really very important for every Muslim.

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02-23-2018, 09:38 AM
Originally Posted by adyiqbal
Allah says in Quran,

“All the Muslims around the world will come to the places where Hazrat Ibrahim and Ismael preaches”.
Where in the Quran does it say this?

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