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View Full Version : What's happening in Ghouta is proof of the large fifth column withn the Ummah

03-06-2018, 04:01 AM
They have descended upon a small enclave as if this was Second world war. I mean have you really seen the military convoy that came only for Ghouta before the big battle there started? I haven't seen such a large military gathering in my life and I don't think that we have seen anything like that since ww2.

It was 3 times 4km long military convoys coming in 3 days on 3 convoys and not only that the Russians have been gassing the hell out of the civilians. Everybody is sort of target in that area from Women and Children. They are discriminately killing non-combatants and civilians without any remorse.

Nobody is really willing to assist them in the world and there are no such thing as United Nations. If the people of Ghouta were not Muslims everyone would have been running to safe them and stand with them. Which leaves us with the conclusion that the world dosen't want the our existens anymore and We have become a surplus in their sight.

It's basically systematically genocide against women and children.

I honestly forsee this fitnah Duhamia spreading everywhere and eventually causing genocide in the west against the defenseless civilians living there who are not even anticipating this due to rise of far-right but it's definitely going to come.

Things will just get worse and worse and everytime people say when is this over it will explode in another place.

I believe this punishment is due to large number of our amidst are pretenders munafiqeen, ahlul Bid'ah etc etc. When I say fifth Column I mean munafiqeen and collaborators with the Kufar against their own people trying to statisfy people who really don't care for them by any means necessary.

The delusion of the liberal muslims will force them to one day wake up to only find themselves in concentration camps. If you don't have your own best interest nobody is going to do that for you and it will definitely not work collaborating with your exterminator.

The truth is your unwanted in this world and extremely hostile towards you. Stand for your deen. The world is just a test and never meant to be a place of eternity. It's basically a short journey. Don't be an enemy towards something you will regret in eternity

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