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View Full Version : Gang Stalking, a hidden world and the persecution of muslims and others

03-06-2018, 02:03 PM
Salaam aleikum

As a Muslim target of an insidious form of harassment, which prior to the start of it, I would never even have thought possible in a civilised society, I want to warn others and make them aware of this organised program of harassment being carried out covertly by a large and co-ordinated section of our society- they are not a small group and are effectively themselves a society within the greater society we all live in, but one you would be totally unaware of if you were not either a member or one of their victims.
Such is the sophistication of the harassment and its perpetrators that it may seem difficult to comprehend and without having 'first hand experience' of it, I myself might have been sceptical before this all started - and documenting credible physical evidence of it is difficult as much of the individual acts of harassment are by themselves within the law, but when carried out in a co-ordinated and concerted fashion with the intention of psychologically breaking someone down it is absolutely criminal and the objective for it is no doubt to dominate and control the victim for further criminality- therefore it is for the reader to draw their own conclusions from this, my responsibility as a Muslim and human being is only to warn people and make them aware of what has happened to me and to advise people to be vigilant and careful in their dealings with others regardless of how they may appear at face value (especially regards marriage) and to encourage anyone who is going through a similar situation to be patient, hold fast to the religion and not to give in to these criminals.
- [ ] Many different tactics are used, in my own experience, cars running their lights and engines every night outside ones bedroom window, different vehicle each night but always same colour (purple), repeated incidents of being cut up aggressively while driving in traffic-again different vehicles but almost always same colour (white)- the purpose is to let you know this is not random, this is organised -constantly seeing or being passed by funeral hearses and ambulances as a thinly veiled but clear threat, my car being vandalised, email accounts hacked and locked out of, suspicious and sinister looking strangers knocking at the door pretending they are looking for someone they believed lived there, people you had considered friends, fellow 'Muslims', work colleagues, random people in the street, neighbours etc. will let you know they are also privy to what is taking place and involved to some degree and will in some way infer that it is because of some perceived misdemeanour you are guilty of or infer that you are on some kind of terror watch list to justify what is taking place however subtly or otherwise and this is when you will start reflecting back on your dealings with people and realise that certain events or spats that had occurred in the past were in fact attempts at setting you up somehow, criminally or otherwise and that your relationships with those around you were a lie and you were being deceived by them and you realise you have gone from a situation where you thought you were living a normal life surrounded by people you got along with to the reality of the situation, these people were fake hypocrite people from day one and you are totally socially isolated, and it happens like a switch being flicked-one day you are living life normally in your apparently safe little world, the next it is like living in a zombie apocalypse.
- [ ] Tactics also include having emergency vehicle sirens sounding around you constantly out in public and past your house while at home, cars honking horns while driving by or revving engines excessively, being paid undue attention from people in public (eyeballing), being made aware you are under surveillance at all times and being watched even inside ones home-possibly through surveillance equipment built into household items, being made a third party to 'overheard' conversations by others in public that directly reflect your own situation even including things known only to yourself, one one occasion I was sitting parked up in my car and the dashboard lights suddenly lit up and radio came on even though the key wasn't turned in the ignition as if to let me know they could control the car remotely, even helicopters hovering over ones home and flying at low level and executing aggressive manoeuvres that seem completely inappropriate- which in my case ceased after complaining to the IPCC, live media (TV & radio) and social media being used to deliver messages and threats that by this point you will have been sensitised to understand but are otherwise innocuous-the list goes on and on and for the most part is difficult to document as proof of harassment as in isolation the acts may appear trivial but when co-ordinated and carried out in a concerted program in which you have been made to understand you are a target and which pervades every aspect of ones life and in a society you once felt safe in the psychological impact is, as its designed to be, one that can bring you to the breaking point, and to submission-but if you were to complain or explain the situation you would appear to be paranoid or with a mental health problem, undoubtedly another objective of the program.
In the past few months from researching on the internet I've discovered this is taking place across the world and is not aimed exclusively at Muslims- I've read victim accounts from anti-war protesters, whistleblowers, people who have reported others for crimes, and many others who don't know why they have been targeted.
The terms 'Gang Stalking' and 'Targeted Individuals' have been applied to this behaviour and to victims of it and it appears to be derived from counter intelligence tactics that were devised for use against dissidents in the 1960s Cold War era but is now being used against individuals across the world-individuals outside of this 'society' and its worldview- individuals that have not committed any crime that they could be sent to prison for but nonetheless are contrary to this groups ideals, and it's clear that although this group appear to pervade all sections of society irrespective of race, creed or status and socio-economic level, from the homeless man in the street to all the way up, there is an ideological syncretism that unites them.
- [ ] Prior to the start of this harassment I believed that religious freedom existed here in the UK and one was as free to believe in and practice Islam (within the laws of the country) as any other religion but I now think just like so much else in the society we live in, that is an illusion, and one can be easily deceived by it- there are masajid, halal restaurants, bookshops, hajj operators, Muslim support groups, political groups and anti-discrimination laws but I believe this 'society' permeates throughout all organisations and establishments in society, effectively an Islam and a society controlled by others and one of the most depressing things after having been Muslim for over 10 years is that people I considered genuine Muslims and friends were in fact not but hypocrites practicing taqqiya and pretending to be on the Sunnah, reciting Quran, going on Hajj-basically fake people- of course I cannot see into their hearts but the random manner I happened to frequently and randomly bump into these 'friends' at the onset of the harassment and their comments and attitude towards me seemed to say it all, and when I reflected back to news articles I'd read over the years of Muslims, (with reported 'mental health problems') who had been involved in criminal or terrorist acts, and the disproportionately high number of them being reverts who had apparently been 'radicalised' by other 'Muslims' who themselves often seemed to vanish without trace, alarm bells were ringing loud and clear.
- [ ] Victim accounts also include reports of a phenomenon which has been termed 'Voice to Skull' in which the victim will become aware of messages in the form of threats, insults, prompts and commands seeming to come to them randomly, like whispers, not auditory but similar to the voice in ones head when one is thinking to oneself though they are not their own thoughts but were being put there from an external source and also that others (perpetrators from this group) seemed to be aware of what they were thinking-and that the perpetrators would let them know this, perhaps by mentioning to them the subject of their thoughts in conversation in a roundabout and random way but frequently so there is no ambiguity about it being coincidence, or give 'advice' on the benefits of 'positive thoughts' or some other 'reprimand' such as slamming a door-presumably to try and demonstrate that they have power over them and to try and groom the victim into a state of submission where even their inmost thoughts must be in line with the perpetrators- I too have experienced this and its the most heinous aspect of all- that ones heart which belongs to Allah should be compromised in any way by a criminal but this is what is intended and it is a sickening violation and one that must be resisted at all costs as the very essence of our religion is submission to Allah and that our hearts belong solely to Him.
- [ ] I became aware, or rather was made aware of this ability of the perpetrators around 12 months after the harassment started while making an extended dua to Allah against them after a prayer, and when I went outside into the garden afterwards a helicopter swooped down low over the garden with its searchlight on at very low level and then turned sharply and flew away, the noise was deafening and I had never seen anything like it happen before, and in the following days in interactions and conversations I had with certain people it was made clear to me that my thoughts were known to them, and that they objected to me remembering Allah to myself and the fact that I hated them for the oppression they were committing against me and I realised unless I resisted this oppression I would lose my religion and be nothing but a slave to a criminal cabal.
- [ ] At first I attempted to rationalise it the way a non Muslim might as at the time I had only just started to get back on to the religion and pray my salah properly again- I knew I was being surveilled constantly even in my home so I thought perhaps my body language, mood, behaviour and attitude was being assessed in some type of computer algorithm using these parameters to produce a simulation of my thoughts at a remote location or perhaps some other unknown technological radio wave device device was being used which was then being relayed back to perpetrators in the vicinity by text or messaging service but I began to realise the absence of practically any time delay whatsoever between what I was thinking, remembering Allah for example, and the reactionary slamming of a door or fake coughing of a perpetrator made this impossible.
- [ ] The theory that some unknown technological device is being used to achieve this as well as delivering 'pinch' like pain and 'burn' sensations and headaches is very popular on Internet resources on gang stalking and targeted individuals (T.I's) but I now suspect much of this is purposeful disinformation by the perpetrators themselves (posting as T.I's) trying to confuse the truth or a misunderstanding by genuine targeted individuals of what is actually taking place which is in reality a spiritual warfare situation, because I soon realised all of this was being done through magic and the jinn which although as a Muslim I believed in, it was something I had absolutely no previous personal awareness of and I also began to notice strange behaviour from animals around me, particularly birds repeatedly flying directly over my head or flying into the window of a room I would be in.
- [ ] The ahadith inform us that we have our personal Qareen, a rebellious jinn, with us and he knows our inmost thoughts and the Prophet sallallahu aleihi wa salam has said that shaytaan flows through man like blood through his veins and it became clear to me that this was how it was happening, and that my Qareen was relaying my thoughts to others from amongst jinn and to these people who are involved in sorcery and calling upon the jinn, and also that the Qareen/jinn were transmitting messages to me (the 'whispers' that come to us in our minds similar to our own thoughts.)
- [ ] Allah informs us in the Quran about shaytaan using his voice to lure and lead mankind astray and tells us to seek refuge 'from the evil of the sneaking whisperer, who whispers in the hearts of mankind, of jinn and mankind' (Surat l-nas) and when the truth of what was happening became clear to me I also began feeling physical sensations in my body like twinges and pinches and jolts (pain is too strong a word) and similar to rumblings in my stomach which was the Qareen/jinn manifesting now that I understood the situation, as if to mock me but as I increased in reading Quran and made morning and evening supplications and the reciting the 3 quls a daily habit the strength of these pinches has massively diminished, as has the feeling of cerebral disorientation I felt at the onset of the manifestations and has increased me in love and gratitude for Allah and His Messenger salallahu aleihi wa salam and for the guidance of the Quran and appreciation of the importance of the Sunnah and morning and evening supplications.
- [ ] When I now read verses about how Allah tests some of us through others and the often repeated warnings about taking protectors besides Allah and how much emphasis Allah places on this it only increases my imaan, because I understand I'm now being tested in this and when I used to read hadiths about the times of fitna when trust would be lost and that a time would come when hypocrites will live secretly among you (trying to corrupt you) and the faithful will try to live their religion in secret among others (because they are oppressed in public) and that masjids would be full but not a believer amongst them I used to wonder how it could happen but now I see how real the test of this life is and that Allah has power over all things.
- [ ]

Whomsoever reads this who is not a perpetrator from this criminal group, I sincerely advise you to be vigilant, however strange this may all seem to you- I don't know why there seems to be such a lack of information about Muslim victims of this crime on the Internet but I suspect its because targeted Muslims will feel too threatened and intimidated to even tell anyone, even as I type this veiled threats are being made at myself (cars honking horns and revving engines and sirens sounding outside and other veiled threats) or they may feel the number of genuine Muslims is so few that little can be done either way or information is being removed or hidden on the internet, so please copy and paste this post and inform others and post it on other forums.
A quick Google search of 'gang stalking Muslims' will even produce victim accounts and videos claiming it is Muslims that are doing the gang stalking-they may look like and appear to be Muslims but they are not Muslims, rather they are hypocrites so beware of this deception, and beware of the purposeful disinformation.

And whoever is already a target of these people, do not submit to them or obey them in anything, document the harassment in a diary, write to your MP, and keep to yourself as much as possible by withdrawing from all things that don't concern you as per the Hadith when the Prophet salallahu aleihi wa salam said 'the time will come when the one sitting will be better than the one standing, and the one standing will be better than the one walking, and the one walking will be better than the one running' -if you can, get yourself a discreet bodycam and remain at home as much as possible -and hold fast to Allah-glad tidings are for the patient ones.

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03-06-2018, 07:56 PM

:jz: for sharing it.

It's informative

04-17-2018, 02:12 PM
Assalaam Alaikum, I am also a Targeted individual. Not sure when all this evil started but I believe it was August of 2014, although it could have been before that, I am not sure. I am at a point where I just pray to God, be a good person and try to treat everyone with respect no matter who they are. This is all we can do as this evil is beyond our control. Thanks, take care

06-10-2018, 12:14 PM
Well here are some links that show this is state sanctioned targeting of Muslims by The FBI and local law enforcement. The FBI has changed its mission to fighting terrorism through disruption operations which is another way to describe sabotaging an individuals life who they can not prove is a terrorist but well they feel he or she is. The first one explains this bizzare method of harrassment


This one describes how Britains intellegence community does it


this one describes the fbi s disruption strategy



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