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03-12-2018, 03:34 AM
A lot of people accept Allah on different reasons and Islam for different reasons unique for every single individual.

But the first base for faith should be actually verifying the existence of Allah with certainty. I can gladly confirm through science that there is 1 creator and provider of all energy to all universes and that there is only one owner of energy.

One fashioner, One creator, One designer, One giver of souls, One grantor of death, One authority, One king of the worlds, One owner of everything that is between heaven and earth.

There is nothing like him nor has he any equals in what is between the heavens and the earth nor has he any challengers to his throne. All Angels serve him and even these who don’t know but still serving him without their knowledge on earth and these with knowledge knowing they are serving him.

He is ladies and gentlemen your God the one and only Allah(SWT) the owner of the throne.

Short video it explains in perfect details.

Surah Al-Ikhlas says that: His the 1, the eternal, he don't have parents nor descendants and his unique nothing is like him.

I think the 3rd part is only said to refute the things christians have been spreading in Arabia but the true powerful meaning lays with the 2 first verses.

1. His the 1? Like literally the 1.

2. His eternal? meaning he had no beginning nor end.

In other verses of the Quran it touches upon how his the one providing for all existences and how he began creation and in other verses it touches on how his the one who gives souls and death. It also goes to say how his the fashioner of shapes. either Humans, Animals or other creatures. Other verses touches on that his the designer everything else.

Now here comes the interesting part in some verses it says that he owns everything that is between the heaven and the earth. Which is technically 100% correct and in absolutely in perfect line with the first law of energy. His technically the owner of the energy which makes him the owner of everything. It's as simple as that

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03-12-2018, 06:21 AM
Woah thats amazing. Def need to the check the video out!

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