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View Full Version : Iran and the militias they support have walked an unfortunate path

03-27-2018, 07:55 PM
I think they have walked and chosen an unfortunate path for themselves. I honestly see very very soon a hunt on Iran itself and all the militias it supports just like how the Turks are hunting the kurds and even more intense and no International community or UN will be able to stand in the way of such operation beginning very very soon.

It's every countries right to protect their national interest and security. Pilgrimage is nothing to make light of hence it's serious matter. A new coalition of armies need to be made in order to start a Military operation to invade Iran, Yemen and any other country that dares to stand with Iran.

Enough is enough. Iran truly has outdated weapons due to sanctions and just being survivalist and they will fold quickly due to the onslaugh it will be a necessary invasion to eradicate this hindrance against peace. Saudi Arabia, UAE, Egypt, Turkey, Indonesia, and Pakistan should form a military alliance wing to stop this madness once and for all. It won't even be that long. Brute force should be used in this. As for the Houthis they could be stopped within 6 months of serious invasion.

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Pakistan, and Turkey have modern armies while their enemy don't have and already in siege by default. They should be able to use this to their advantage and get rid of this. I'm pretty confident as time goes by this invasion will become reality. NATO will also join militarily and attack Iran if such opportunity present itself.

The Iran Nuclear deal will get ripped of in May and this will make way for the unavoidable invasion of Iran.

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