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05-01-2018, 03:27 AM
ONE of the favourable stunts of deception and fraud perpetrated by some people with the aid of evil jinn is supposedly to summon the souls or spirits of dead persons to appear. When the ‘souls’ of the deceased appear, they speak and convey information about the unseen realm. Such a meeting with the ‘spirits’ or ‘souls’ is called a séance.
Sometimes at the séance the ‘dead’ makes a visible appearance and speaks to those present.

Sometimes the ‘souls’ of the dead denuded of physical form, speak through a medium who is a human being in a trance. During the trance, it is said that the souls of the dead enter into the body of the person who is in the trance.

All such demonstrations are satanic stunts of deception and fraud. Neither do the deceased persons appear nor their souls. All such displays are the effects of the shayaateen. Every person has a shaitaan called Qareen who constantly accompanies that person. Sometimes after the death of a person, Qareen assumes the appearance of the deceased and appears to people. Sometimes he does not make a visible appearance, but speaks through a medium in a voice which the observer recognizes to be that of the deceased person.

This type of fraud leads people to believe that the dead truly appear on earth. The souls of the dead are either in the abode of Torment (Sijjeen) or in the abode of Bliss (Illiyeen). No human being or devil has the power to summon the deceased from these abodes. Evil jinn assume the forms of the deceased and in this way deceive and mislead people. Never be impressed with this type of seemingly supernatural fraud.

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05-03-2018, 01:56 PM
I do not know that the Qareen is responsible for this kind of "magical display" but I do agree that it is an evil jinn. Regular evil jinns, not neccessarily Qareens, could also be witnesses of our acts. We think we are alone but jinns are everywhere...so a regular jinn is also perfectly capable of acting as if they were the souls of a deceased person and can know some "secrets" of the persons present in the room. That is no magic. The person acting as the medium might even be in contact with jinns who gather information "secrets" about the customer or the deceased person. As we know, Jinns are powerful creatures. they can be really fast and strong. we all know the story about the jinn who found and retrieved the needed throne for Sulayman pbuh from a distant country in the blink of an eye. Gathering information would be childs play for them.

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