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05-24-2018, 05:47 PM

Post by hudayfa on May 22, 2018 at 1:25pm

Salaam aleikum

As a revert to Islam myself I want to warn other reverts and genuine Muslims in general of what I believe may be an organised system of deviant individuals and groups impersonating Sunni Muslims and Muslim groups (including Salafiyyah) here in the UK, and may appear to be highly convincing by using extreme taqqiya and may be supported by other groups and organisations in the wider world in a deceptive charade to deceive Muslims with malicious and criminal intentions- I advise you only for the sake of Allah to be extremely careful and cautious in your dealings with people, even those who may appear to be from ahl us Sunnah and even calling to and inviting to Islam.
I believe this may be a major issue here in the UK and by logical extension may be happening in other places also.
From my own experiences and from reading between the lines in reports I have seen in the media I believe these people may be using themselves and their organisations as traps for people who believe in Islam and are trying to entrap individual Muslims in criminality or in other ways through marriage, blackmail, threats etc. with the objectives of making Muslims leave Islam through one way or another, to counter the increasing numbers of people reverting to the religion (for which I believe these people may receive support from others in the wider community who are opposed to Islam), for further criminality and for perhaps other political/religious reasons.
Please be EXTRA careful in your friendships and relationships and particularly as regards marriage.
This is not written to incite fitnah/mistrust amongst people but to warn others, particularly reverts who are vulnerable and may be seen as easy prey by these people, (particularly sisters) and make them aware because of what I have experienced and continue to experience as a revert here in UK-from individuals and groups who ascribe to Sunni Islam and from other organisations and groups in the wider community- in what I believe were attempts to entrap me in criminality and through other methods and oppress me into obeying these people who I believe to have evil intentions towards Islam and Muslims.

**Please forward this in other forums,whatsapp, social media as it is being removed from well known forums/been blocked from posting**

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