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View Full Version : Some other responsibilities of us Muslims to this dunya

07-23-2018, 08:20 AM
Bismillah. We should keep in mind that we are already living in the modern world. What I'm saying is that, if you're like me, living in a Christian-dominated society(lived most his life on that basis), then you should learn some ways that are of course, good, and which is already natural for us to do in Islam. Would you punish your wife if you caught her cheating on you for another man? Would you lash her back? Or would you take civilized route, full of mercy towards other human beings created by Allah, for if you show mercy to others, Allah shows mercy to you too. Will it be a sin if you lash her and make her bleed? Or would that be a good deed for it is a punishment for adulterers. Am I correct that that is the punishment? Forgive me. I am just a human. I am weak, and the only source of all the strength I carry is from Allah.

Look at Christians. Are you sometimes afraid of them? Their freedom? I have grown insane one time because of the sins I have laid bare. My name in school was Sin. I was a monster. I was devil. I still prayed, but I sinned again for the idea of my name lingers inside my soul. So be it. I know most or all of us have read the Quran here, and we sometimes really get scared if we resist in following a single order that we remember. Be soft. Be gentle. Is the world trying to make you hard? Live your life on Allah's terms, and he will grant you ease.

Our responsibility, because we have been endowed a great gift: Knowledge of Truth, the words of God himself! "With great power comes great responsibility." From Spider-man movie, right? Open your mind. That quote is also good, right? Every angle of it comes from God's blessings. A christian thought of it, or whatever his religion is. Did the Muslims influenced their mind? It could be so, because we exist here all together. Anyways, God moves in mysterious ways. He sees all. If his mercy encompasses all, then he is still looking after all his creation, one by one. He is the only perfect judge: Allah.

Change "revenge" for redemption. Revenge is for the weak. I know how it really feels. I was there. I was even born on Nov. 5, 1992, and the idea of vengeance from the movie, "V for Vendetta" circled my entire life for a long time, and I was also in a torture chamber too, being placed with food there like in the movie, and I was crazy or insane that time. I was paralyzed of fear so I stayed in bed for a year or so.

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07-25-2018, 07:16 AM
@emem.masorong :

Would you punish your wife if you caught her cheating on you for another man?
and what if husband is caught cheating on his wife...?

07-25-2018, 08:51 PM
Allah (Subhanahu Wa Talaa) already told us in full detail step by step without any hole what to do if a wife cheats. Going with guns and bazooka is not what he told us to do right away. Read the Qura'an correctly and follow the verse(s) correctly in how you deal with a cheating wife. As a Muslim you follow that law REGARDLESS of where you live. Allah (Subhanu Wa Talaa) told us what to do if the husband cheats and what punishment he gets. We follow the law and exercise it regardless of where you live. You obey Allah and his prophets that is it! No if's or butts. Just because you live in West does not mean we remove the hijab and we walk naked or men wear tiny shorts and grab on his right shoulder and left shoulder young 18 year old women and laughing and drinking under the guise you live in Kufar world now so whatever goes goes..:heated::heated::heated:

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