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07-24-2018, 04:51 PM
Tawheed & Shirk: Dr. Ahmad Al-Dubayan, the Director General of the Islamic Cultural Center (Regents Park Mosque), gives an insightful lecture (with Q&A) on the topic on Tawheed (Pure Islamic Monotheism) and Shirk (polytheism, and associating partners with God).

The Dear Respected Dr Ahmad al Dubayan holds the following positions:

1] Member of the Supreme Council of Experts at ISESCO
2] Member of the Board of Trustees of The King Fahad Academy in London
3] Member of The Board of Trustees of The Edinburgh Central Mosque
4] Member of the Board of Trustees of The British Muslim Heritage Center
5] Member of The Fondation Memoire des Andalous
6] Member of The Organisation Internationale de la Societe Civil Pour les Valeurs de Citoyennete de Development et de Dialogue
7] Chairman of the UK Board of the Shariah Councils


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