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07-28-2018, 08:50 PM
I was just thinking back to when my mother forced me to get my ears pierced as a young child. I let them heal so they are no longer there. But this thought made the question arise, are piercings permissible? I don’t think they are as tattoos aren’t but yet I have seen so many other Muslim girls with their ears pierced?

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07-29-2018, 04:31 AM
In short, the truth is that there is a slight difference of opinion on the matter between scholars. However, its seems that the majority of scholars consider it to be OK. Here is a website that is often referred to on this forum in order to look into the permissibility of a certain thing. -> https://islamqa.info/en/78255

With regards to looking for the reason behind its permissibility or lack there of, i would recommend you stay away from doing so because you will not be able to find a solid ground or reasoning bases in which you can derive a ruling for each individual case. For example, we all know that changing the creation of Allah is a reason often cited to prohibit things like tattoo (as you mentioned), plucking eyebrows, wearing wigs, filing teeth and even shaving parts of the head unevenly. Yet you find other things that involve changing the creation of Allah being recommended in islam such as trimming the mustache/plucking armpit hair, putting eyeliner (with ithmid), drawing with henna on hands (for women), circumcision, and even ear piercings being OK too.

There are usually exceptions to lots of the rulings in islam. That is why i say, dont bother yourself with the reason behind its prohibition, because its usually a waste of time for laymen like us to find a baseline we can refer to in cases like these. Rather, familiarize yourself with the ruling first and learn the opinions of all the different scholars about this matter until you are content and satisfied with the reasons you learned.

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