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View Full Version : I am thankful for fasting on Dhul Hijjah

08-19-2018, 07:25 AM
That is because I observed that I am more thankful of even the small things. I experience what it feels like to be a hungry person that doesn't eat all day. I didn't eat in the early morning today. I started my fasting for the Dhul Hijjah just yesterday, where it should be, as far as I know, on the 12th of August to start and end on the evening of August 21. Mine will end on the 27th. I hope I am correct. I started on the 18th. Other things I learned is to be more patient/forbearing, to be more aware and conscious, to be more good, to be more religious and spiritual, kind, in tuned with God, and I also prayed another nafl prayer which I've been doing but now I will just get the reward once of some I researched and stick to the 5 obligatory prayers if that is the will of Allah.

I stopped and just prayed Azr. I prayed a nafl prayer which is called as the Duha prayer. If you pray it with 12 rakaats which I just did on mid-morning on 9 o'clock, you will be built a golden castle in paradise. Alhamdullilah. I dream one day we are there and all happy with my love ones. I love everybody.

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08-19-2018, 09:47 PM
Alhamdulilah. Because you have little energy you become a more thoughtful person and save your energy for conversations that matter. Well I'm definitely joining you insha Allah and fasting tomorrow insha Allah. The reward is too great to miss!!

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