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08-29-2018, 10:13 PM
Arguably Sheikh Imran Nazar Hosein's most anticipated appearance in the United Kingdom, at Leeds Orthodox Church by request of the Greek Orthodox Community of Leeds.

The scholar, Sheikh Imran Hosein, explains why Islamic Eschatology is not to be ignored by Orthodox Christians around the world, and why also, it is integral to their very own diverse and oft confused understanding regarding the end times.

Islamic Eschatology elucidates the idea that there will be an alliance with Ar-Rum in the end time. Ar-Rum is classically understood to be those Christians who were known as Orthodox with a Gnostic approach to their faith and living under the banner of a political Rome which had all but legitimized a theocracy.

Small wonder then, that today many a commentator has surmised Rome to be the modern vernacular, the western civilization which champions Christianity as the major faith without building a theocracy based on the laws of Christianity.

Today, Ar-Rum can be thus identified as the entire Christian Kingdom which extends over the four cardinal directions of our blue planet.

As the world plummets slowly towards the end of time, this lecture finds its place among the heart and minds of those discerning intellects who look beyond the politics and to the very portents of prophecy instead.


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09-08-2018, 07:48 AM
Salam and peace to all.

I did not prefer to write under this thread but I was thinking of writing an answer for your reply to my post under the other thread created by JustTime and since it is deleted now I felt myself to write it here.

Thats the beginning of the Surah of Rum;

1. Alif Lam Mim.
2. The Romans are vanquished,
3. In a near land, and they, after being vanquished, shall overcome,
4. Within a few years. Allah's is the command before and after; and on that day the believers shall rejoice,
5. With the help of Allah; He helps whom He pleases; and He is the Mighty, the Merciful;
6. (This is) Allah's promise! Allah will not fail His promise, but most people do not know.

The surah refers to a chain of events in which Roman Empire was defeated by the Persian Empire first but they defeated them later. This prophecy of Quran came true and the Eastern Roman Empire defeated the Persian Empire in a few years. Mushriks had good relations with the Persians and were supporting them and mocking Muslims thinking that the Romans were Christians and worshipping the same God as Muslims. They portrayed the defeat of Rome as the "defeat of Allah". That explains why Muslims will rejoice when the romans defeat the persians later.

Rum is the Arabic word for Rome and it was an empire located in Europe and it was the sole empire located in Europe at the time of the Prophet aleyhissalam. The rest of the continent was populated by nomads and local kingdoms. No where in this Surah or in any hadith we understand that "the Rum" refers to any sort of Christianity (Orthodox, Gnostic, etc..). It refers to a political/imperial European/Western power. Imran's attempt to relate it to the Orthodox Christianity is because of his sympathy towards Russia and as we see in his lectures he portrays Russians as the leaders of the Orthodox Christianity inorder to fit it to his idea. He connects Russians to the Orthodox Christyianity and the Orthodox Christianity to the Eastern Roman Empire and finally "finds out" that the Rum are today's Russians! This is, however, is a very forced interpretation of Quran and ahadith. Rashidun Caliphs fought with the Romans several times. Its true that in the eschatological ahadith we read that we will have a pact with the Rum but they will violate it. Then the War (al Malhama) will occure between Muslims and the Rum. There are several ahadith stating that Muslims will conquer the Rum. He is just ignoring all these ahadith. If there is a straw man regarding this topic here bro, he is no one but Imran's himself.

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