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View Full Version : Help Desired ASAP

09-03-2018, 04:56 AM
I am form Rawalpindi, i have been facing some personal issues for a very long time now i have seeked Rohani help but all i lost was money over it and i am still where i was. so if any one of you know any amil or anything that can help me preferably the one who takes no hadiya. i will really appreciate it. Jazak Allah

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09-08-2018, 06:11 AM
Do dhikir of allah and ask for forgiveness from allah and be thankful for what allah has given you. I guarantee you , the doors of allah's mercy will open and he will shower you with rizq. But you have to be genuine.

09-08-2018, 06:31 PM
as'salaamu alakium,

Do not go to these fake pirs and rohani experts. Avoid sin and do astagfir and dhikr and make duas for personal problems. See the root cause of them and try to eliminate that. IF you need alim advice then email ask@huda.tv

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