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View Full Version : America's Greatest lie by acting as if they care about syria in the public eye

09-04-2018, 11:53 PM
This ladies and gents is one of the biggest lies told in the 21century but thank god it just falls flat on it's face if you pay attention.

The US press and officials released statements such as warning about chemical attacks and so on and so forth but I can confirm you that is a lie. They don't want to claim Assad as an ally to the public while they are one of his strongest backers in real life but want to deny in order to not cause image damage to their already holier then thou fake image that they somehow stand for human rights and value the well being of humans. I guess that is all sweet and dandy but the reality is completely different then what they release to the media.

They are one of the reasons Assad is moving on Idlib and they are the strongest backers of this offense in reality. The Lira was about to crash for blocking Assad because the turks wanted to block him and it was them behind it using a priest as an excuse but it was about Idlib not the priest and nobody cares about a damn random priest.

they love to project an image of neutrality but they are the biggest obstacle to the Salaf and muslims where ever they may be found.

1. Why do you think Palestine is under occupation it's not because of the Israelites and they are powerless in truth due to having very low manpower and little to no motivation to fight all out war because most of the citizens are rich anyways and hard to motivate them if things get ugly they will leave before things go there to Florida on the first flight but it's the elephant behind them who is keeping them there with authority and full backing. They can commit all sorts of crimes and it will go under the rug.

2. Myanmar genocide happened recently? Where is the UN? Human rights? Nobody came to assist them or even cared? no that is not true? people cared but not in the way you would imagine they cared because they want Myanmar to actully carry the genocide out in full effect.

Let me give you an example? If an adult saw two kids fighting where he had the ability to stop it from happening would he just sit there and watch this two kids kill each other without intervening? the answer is no he would intervene but in this case it was one kid killing the other but the adult did not intervene but he would have intervened if it was reversed which means this adult wanted that specific kid killed all along.

3. The whole strikes against Assad was nothing but fake and something they agreed upon just in order to wash their hands off him and appear in the public eye as if they reject and don't have anything with him but in reality they are his supporters.

This whole narrative of warning Assad is fake and the air-strikes were staged for the public eye and done carefully to not cause any material damage to Assad. They are strong allies of Assad and the same thing goes for Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Israel etc etc.

All these Israeli air-strikes were only meant to help Assad because the Jews know how much they are hated to the point that some deluded people from sham think that hating them only has become part of the religion so the jews figured out that them striking Assad from time to time raises sympathizers and supporters for him.

It's a war raised on peoples minds from psychological point of view with many manipulations trying to change their allegiances.

Also one of the reasons they used so damn many psychological manipulations is because they believed that the rebels would succeed.

If you pay close attention to them then they can easily be figured out but if you look past their actions you can miss the point but instead look at who gains from certain actions and who loses something from certain actions.

Example like the Israeli airforce striking Assad randomly and out of the blue? It was baffling for many? but they missed the whole point behind it and it was to recruit supporters for Assad within the Palestinian and Lebanese communities who already hated them to the point that it was blind hate without rationality.

The US speaking with double tongues? was for only washing their hands clean in the public eye from a strong ally behind the scenes. They have to keep that clean image and acting sincere to everyone while being the world police somehow

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