View Full Version : Women caned in Malaysia for public indecency

09-09-2018, 10:13 AM
In Malaysia last week, 2 lesbians were caned under sharia law.See attached article.

Too often, Islamic political thought remains focused on punishing select crimes of morality rather than advancing the causes of good governance and economic empowerment.

Sadly, Islamic political movements continue to subordinate basic human rights to other concerns such as the misguided protection of Islamic sacraments.

From Malaysia to Qatar, Islam-centered governments continue to ignore the basic tenets of good government. And in that absence of good government, young people in particular are left without social mobility and extremist, Islamic movements find new recruits to their nihilistic world view.


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09-09-2018, 10:36 AM
Establishment of Islamic governance and justice requires that the rules of Allah :swt: are established in their entirety to the best extent possible. The fact that moral transgressions are addressed is actually a good sign in that the people of that country are able to go about their lives with a heedfulness towards purity.


As of 2013 most Muslim Malaysian women wear the tudung, a type of hijab. This use of the tudung was uncommon prior to the 1979 Iranian revolution,[27] and the places that had women in tudung tended to be rural areas. The usage of the tudung sharply increased after the 1970s,[28] as religious conservatism among Malay people in both Malaysia and Singapore increased.[29]

Several members of the Kelantan ulama in the 1960s believed the hijab was not mandatory.[27] By 2015 the Malaysian ulama believed this previous viewpoint was un-Islamic.[30]

By 2015 Malaysia had a fashion industry related to the tudung.[27]

Norhayati Kaprawi directed a 2011 documentary about the use of tudung in Malaysia, "Siapa Aku?" ("Who am I?"). It is in Malay, with English subtitles available.[30]

Although wearing the hijab, or tudung, is not mandatory for women in Malaysia, some government buildings enforce within their premises a dresscode which bans women, Muslim and non-Muslim, from entering while wearing "revealing clothes".


09-09-2018, 10:50 AM

There is always room for improvement when it comes to governance nobody can disagree with this.

You might find it amazing but Western governments also have their own problems with governance. For example Syria, Gaza and the Criminalisation of Islam or whats happening to Assange Julian Assange supporters gather outside Ecuadorian Embassy

And judging by the USA (and its hanger ons) record of bringing 'freedom' and 'democracy' to the world (Just one example For the British political elite, the invasion of Iraq never happened). I think they should take their advice with a pinch of salt.

Globalists and their assorted shills should mind their own business and let countries sort out their own problems.

More Orientalism in action.

A sane response.


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