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View Full Version : Speaking my sincere mind to my fellow humans - We are in for a dengerous ride

09-24-2018, 09:50 AM
I have been reading the Quran lately alot and it suddenly hit me the grave denger we are in for and It's the manifestation of truth itself and it has multiple dengerous warnings and very serious ones that could make the hair on your skin rise.

We as human beings are very forgetful as we tend to forget things and I encountered some heavy-weight oath's and We are a creation hitting towards an unspeakable of doom and one that we have never imagined. The future of mankind is dark and doomed to an unprecedented fashion.

The reality is such that we may never realize the amount of denger coming our way and what lays behind us in the future.

1. What worries me the most is that when mankind in the day of judgement-day recieves the judgement the majority of them would be given a ''One-way ticket'' to hell Hukm.

2. This means mankind will not die after that day and they will exist forever and will be punished also forever in an unprecedented punishment where time don't end and it can reach beyond and above trillions of years this will never stop and this is the most unfortunate outcome for anyone born within our skyline.

The level of punishment or intensity is something humans can't bear psychically nor will they die because they will re-generate quickly then tossed into the punishment and fire.

Example in Surah Asr: Allah takes oath by saying ''By Asr(time) Indeed Mankind is in loss''

''Except for those who have believed and done righteous deeds and advised each other to truth and advised each other to patience.

Adam(sa) on the day of Jugdement will ask how much of my children will go with me to Paradise and they will inform him 1 of every 1000 and 999 to hell fire? When ever Allah uses 1000 for as an example it means 100% and that means 0.1% of mankind will make it out that day where as the majority will unfortunately fall which is the remaining 99.9%

Which means mankind will definitely fall because 99.9% that is the overwhelming majority of mankind.

1. All the non-believers who will out-number the believers will be granted a one-way ticket for eternity according to the Quran and the Quran even repeatedly makes this claim to the point that there is no doubt regarding their unfortunate out-come

2. The mushrikeen will have all their religions rejected from them and nothing of their deeds will be accepted from them as ransom and they will also be granted one-way ticket for eternity.

3. The Munafiqeen - undoubtedly they will occupy the lowest of hell fire and this are people who have said ''There is no god except Allah'' while they were alive and use to worship Allah but they occupy the lowest of the lowest in hell-fire ( They didn't use to aid the religion, nor the muslims but they became an enemy from the within) One-way ticket for eternity in the lowest point of hell-fire.

4. Some believers will taste hell-fire but they will exit and Allah knows best how long they will remain in there and they are the only people who will granted a time-limited punishments and it's not eternal.

But there is a fine-line between what is considered a believer or munafiq? A believer who was a believer his entire life can become a munafiq or the other way around. people of worship, scholars etc etc are not save from the munafiqeen rank or believers can also become apostates any given time due to fighting the muslims so forth and so on.

All I'm saying is that nobody can be sure or nobody can be guraanteed anything and I don't care if you have been praying for 100yrs but still take heed and be careful. Try to understand the religion as much as you can and make much dua's and ask for much forgiveness insha-allah.

Meaning nobody is out of the woods and don't take anything for granted but work for getting the best out of yourselves. Insha-allah good luck to you brothers and sisters and hopefully whoever reads this may you make it out of that disastrous day

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09-24-2018, 10:55 AM
Thoughtful musings, may Allah :swt: confirm the just truth of what you observed.
An authoritative speech above and beyond what man can match in terms of magnificence innit?
Just reading it objectively convinces the thinking person that it can be from no other than the Master of the universe.

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