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View Full Version : What is the most SHOCKING Muslim Conversion you've ever seen?

09-30-2018, 07:47 AM
I'd love to hear!

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10-01-2018, 07:59 AM
I've never met anyone who decided to convert...The converts that I know were already converted by the time I met them.

But the strangest story about the converts I know about is the story about Neil Armstrong...(do not know if it is a hoax or not)...We all know that Armstrong was the first astronaut to walk on the moon.
There is this story about him that during his time up there he heard a sound, like someone was singing...but it was impossible because sound cannot travel through void...There has to be a medium, an atmosphere for sound to travel...and since there is no medium on the moon, it is not possible to hear anything...But he claimed that he heard this. Back on Earth, he heard the same singing again and it turned out to be Adhaan...The call for prayer.
It is said that he became Muslim after that.

Again, I do not know whether it is a hoax or not.

Another story is about the Texan convert Yusuf Estes. I like that guy because he is so enjoyable to listen to, very good personality and has funny examples to make his point...by doing that he also still has his Texas dialect which makes it even funnier.
Even his story about his convertion if fun to read about...well this guy was a christian preacher which was absolutely not looking for Islaam. He was pretty much convinced from his own religion, and was investigating Islaam to find weak spots and contradictions that he could use in his speeches.

As he investigated more, he got more interested in Islaam and after a while he converted.

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