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View Full Version : Is playing GTA haram?

10-07-2018, 12:40 AM
Is playing GTA haram? By the way, I have modified or tweaked the game and added some Islamic things on it.

You can check out the modifications or mods here: www.ememgtaplace.blogspot.com

I'm limp at the moment. When I play the game, I feel like I'm outside. It's been long and I'm still here in the 2nd storey bunk of a bed at the top. Of course, there are bad things to do there in the game, but I don't do them. One time, I did them, but afterwards, I made good deeds. I don't want to do bad things there. I just sorta walk by pressing ALT, just like what I would do in real life, and read whatever I can. When I am fasting, I don't eat on restaurants there.

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