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View Full Version : Warning against Imran Hossien - Nuclear war in the quran?

10-16-2018, 05:21 AM
By accident I clicked on an Imran Hossien video and this was confusing because I disagreed with him previously for mixing truths with falsehood and just basically saying things that are not correct example like saying Gog and Magog are already out and saying they are the west and Russia etc etc and second of all his preaching that dajjal is the system? So Isa banu Maryam will be send down to kill the SYSTEM in an already mention location in palestine where they will chase each other? Hmm that is confusing but nevermind now listen to this new video.

I was baffled? Where in the world did Allah talk about Nuclear war in the QURAN? Surah Duha and Rahman according to the video? I was like what the hell man when I heard it at first.

Surah Duha is likely talking about the day of judgement day nor did two sets of disbelievers addressed in surah Rahman which is basically Allah's speech in Paradise.

If Nuclear war was ever mentioned then you can find it in the hadith but it didn't except some hints nor did it mention two different rival nonbelievers nations because these nations were left out of the Quran because they were irrelevant to humanity and the Quran teaches morality and serves as warning mostly.

It has reached to the point where I want his channel closed down for good because if his not providing Quran and hadith meanings with it's true intend and reality then what benefit is there then just creating massive doubt and changing the true meaning.


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