View Full Version : How do I know if I'm good muslim and person?

10-22-2018, 08:09 PM
I have a problem and doubts whether if I'm a good person. I had lots of problems in my life and everyone i care about end up leaving me. The woman i loved left me giving me the impression I wasnt good enough.

My friends and family say I am good and people in the mosque say I am good.

But how do I actually know if I'm good or whether is allah pleased with me?

Why do I feel like i am not good enough or pious enough like other muslims? Is allah upset with me?

I dont flirt with women but I talk with them and make friends with them. I feel horrible and scared because I worried if I'm sinning by evening talking to one.
How do I know if I'm being tested or punished?

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10-22-2018, 08:32 PM

Try and stop talking to the opposite gender unnecessary. This will be good for you. You will reap the benefits. Insha Allah.

Your health will leave you. Your parents will leave you. Your wealth will leave you. Only your deeds will be with you. Work hard.


10-23-2018, 10:20 AM
The girl who did you love left you is the reason of your problems. Now you want that someone should, at least, be your friend. People say you are good but no girl likes you so you think you are not good.

I advise you to start thinking positive of your life. Establish yourself as a successful person in society, then see, most of the parents of the girls would like you to see as their son in law. Girls also see what your status in society is.

But you shouldn't earn money by haram means. Trust in mercy of Allah. InshaAllah you will get a good life partner (provided that you are able to give a comfortable life to your family)

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