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11-04-2018, 04:13 PM
When Socrates threw poison, the rulers of Athens breathed Sikh that the misleading hell of their youth came, Greeks won the elite, Sankrat's wisdom was lost. Time passed

William W. Wallis, who fought Scotland's war against independence, was arrested by England's King Edward when he was arrested. He was hanged and hanged in the streets of London and then was unbearable violence. After that he was executed and pieces of the body were broken. King of that time won, William Wales lost. Time passed

Galileo proves that if Earth and other planets roast around the sun, it was a violation of Catholic beliefs, the church imposed an infidel on the Galileo and sentenced him for a long term, the sentence was pronounced in 1633, Galileo was imprisoned at his house and died in 1642, the priest won the science lost. Time passed

Even on the Jeddone Bruno, was prosecuted by the Church's beliefs, Bruno said in his defense that his belief in Christianity was not contrary to the creation of God and its creation, but it was not heard and it was completely But Bruno refused to deny, Pope declared Bruno as an infidel, when hearing the judgment on February 8, 1600, Bruno said the historical phrase "I am not so scared to hear this decision as you It is frightening to hear the verdict. "Bruno's language was cut off and it was burnt alive. Pope won, defeated Bruno. Time passed

When Hajj bin Yusuf was throwing fire shells on the house of Ka'bah, then Ibn Zubair paid the date of Jummardi, he had received the messages of continuous weapons throwing, but you refused, advised his mother Hazrat Asma, He said that the rightful people do not care about how many helpers and companions have them, go alone and do not even think of obedience, Ibn Zubair competed with the brutal Hanifa bin Yusuf and said, Hajj cut off your head and sent to Khalifa Abd al-Malik, and hanged the body, reached himself to Asma and said, "You see the fulfillment of the son Or, if you answered yes spoiled her and spoiled your back. Hajj won, Ibn Zubair lost. Time passed

Abu Jafar Mansoor offered many Imam Abu Hanifa to be a Qazi al-Qa'asa, but you refused every time, on one occasion, the rises between the two grew so much that Mansoor Khumlam came to oppose openly, he got them in Baghdad. Manmohan had to kill Imam Abu Hanifah and put him in prison for imprisonment, eventually he was poisoned and was poisoned to death, Sajid In the case of your death, the funeral prayer was about 50,000 people, and the funeral prayer was read six times. Mansoor won, Imam Abu Hanifa lost. Time passed

The decision to win the necklace in history is not based on power, the Greek elite was more powerful than Sutra, but the history proved that the truth of Socrates was more powerful. After William Wallace's painful death, his name should not have been leavened, but today from the Aeraddin to William Wallace's statues and monuments till Edinburgh, William Wales has been ordered in history. Churches of infidelity over Galileo have all returned to their footsteps, the Roman Catholic Church acknowledged that Galileo was right and the pastor was wrong. Burners who live alive today also believe that Bruno's knowledge and ideology was correct and stood on the wrong course of history of suffering torment.

In history, Hajj bin Yusuf is considered as a tyrant and tyrant ruler whose blood is thousands of innocent Muslims, while Hazrat Abdullah ibn Zubair is the ruler of Shijrat and courage, Hanjaj has been defeated Ibn Zubair Are the winners Abu Jafar Mansour, who killed Imam Abu Hanifa, was poisoned, after his death, similar hundred graves were lost and buried in a grave, so that people could not find out who buried in the grave Yes, this arena was arranged because of fear that people should not abstain from the grave, as the decision of history came very soon.

After one hundred years, none of us will survive from today, the history should be moving forward, today it is difficult to decide which one of us stands in the right direction of the date and who is at the wrong date .

After a hundred years later, when a historian wrote our comment, he would look at us on the same critique, but regret that no one of us will be alive to listen to the ruthless judgment of the date. So, from the time we are going through, why not we ourselves on a ruthless test, and see that we were not standing with the Greek elite who threw Sacramento to poison, somewhere we lived Bruno You do not stand with the clergy priests, we do not stand with the wrongdoers like Hajj, say, "We do not stand with the people who scream on Abu Hanifah and Imam Malik, Do not stand ... .. Do not we stand in the wrong direction somewhere? Accepting yourself on the wrong by finding an answer to this question is a great potential work, which is a sharp reduction today. The time passes, it is only to see how some time passed by that person.

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