View Full Version : What’s the best Islamic site for question and answer and also for seeking them to mak

Nitro Zeus
12-12-2018, 03:16 PM
I want to know if there is a Islamic site similar to “Askaboutislam.net” and “islamabdquran.org”. However, I want a Islamic site which is mixed between both of those 2 sites. I want a site in which I can write a question related to Islam and about everything whether it is about psychology, science, life, personal matters etc... because I wish I can have someone who is very strong and pious Muslim and who has a lot of knowledge about Islam. Because, I don’t know where to find in my area and so, I was hoping that there is such site in which I can have a discussion about my personal problems, daily problems and everything. And in the same time to receive the answers by being sent a email by one of them, and I don’t want my answers to be posted online.

I want to ask one of them to pray for God To Turn me into a very strong and pious Muslim in few weeks and To Preserve it for whole life. Because to be honest, I’m very weak Muslim and my supplication is very low improved. And I need for one of them to do this so that in near future, I can be able to do Islamic obligations which now I’m disabled to fulfill some obligations. Not because I don’t know, because simply something got into my head and now it is very difficult to remove it so that I can easily fulfill all Islamic obligations such as: performing regulate prayers on time, doing charity daily(which I do only sometimes) and being fully responsible to the point which God likes.

And because, there is one most important thing which I really need to get from God and I don’t know how to do this, I tried several ways to make Du’a, sometimes I’m feelin’ unheard or ignored by The Great Anonymous. And now I’m very obsessed with one thing because I don’t know how to make it be fulfilled my desire, and there are plenty of good reasons why I desire this.

So, is there such Islamic site as I described above?

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