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View Full Version : Is God capable of creating other deities?

Nitro Zeus
12-21-2018, 11:52 PM
I think that question has become very popular and many of scholars have declared as irrational due to its missunderstanding the questioner. But, I'm gonna try to clarify for everyone.

The answer is: depends on what you mean. God Almighty Said in Quran that He can Make whatever He pleases and He is All Capable.

Most scholars think that when a questioner asked this question, they might think that they were refering like "can God create another deity like Himself?" and they give the answer as irrational and they tell the questioners that God means an uncreated Being.

But, if you mean that if God can create a another beings and declare them as official gods and goddesses and He is the Almighty Powerful Master of all other deities, then yes, that can be possible.

But He has not created other deities because He knows whats the best.

One must think logic that God cannot create a being like Himself, that's irrational.

The word "god" can be a rank given by God Almighty to whoever He wants, but as long as He did not granted such rank to anyone, then we cannot say that there are multiple of gods because that would be shirk, and we all know that there is one true God.

Hopefully I have answered correctly the question which almost everyone asks.

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12-22-2018, 12:29 PM
Anything that is “created” is not pre-eternal and thus cannot be a “God”. Hence, the idea of something being “created” and being a “God” simultaneously is irrational. The limitless power of Allah :swt: applies to things that are rational; the limitless power of Allah :swt: cannot be applied to things that are irrational.

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