View Full Version : What are the best ways to convert people to Islam?

Nitro Zeus
12-28-2018, 12:42 AM
I just found out that it is possible to learn to play an electrical ghitar and it is possible even to compose songs. And I was thinking that after many years in future, I can start my own Romanian rock band and make excellent rock songs to the point where millions of people would willingly wish and have strong desire of converting to Islam and stay there, and also to make songs that can turn Jinns and Humans against the Satan and turn to God in the right path, because when I heard in one of the videos that Satan makes others to sing in order to disobey God, then that gave me a awesome idea, and that is to make rock songs that can make millions of humans and jinns to turn against Satan radically for good and turn to God willing and to turly want to convert to Islam.

What do you think about this idea? Do you think it is possible to be done that? Because all I want, is to cause people to defeat multiple of times Satan instead of he to defeat us, I want to see Satan crying so that I can lauph at him. I only try to make some good deeds for the sake of God, and I,want to write excellent rock songs to the point where people would truly want to believe without commenting about anything related to Islam and everything about Islam to believe with sincerity.

I'm using this because music has strong effect, and I can use it for the sake of God. Is that still ok? or, haram no matter what intention I may have?

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