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01-03-2019, 12:19 AM
Aoa. Need sincere advice please. I got engaged to this guy who i really like. He has helped my family in times of trouble beyond words. But he also has major anger issues, we fight ogten, he has misbehaved with my mother also. And also we have major status and cultural differences. So i was getting a bit reluctant now. I did istekhara. On 1st day i saw a dream that his father was at our house shouting angrily that this marriage is not possible. 2nd day we were calling his parents for date fix but they were not coming. 4th day i saw my mother compaining to him that i came very upset from his home because of his mothers and sisters attitude. And the guy disapproved of his families attitude. And the enagagement was then called off after that obviously because we didnt respond well.
How do i know these dreams are not due to black magic, satan or evil eye and are signs of Allah?
Can i read dua to make things positive and do istakhara again?
Because i miss him.

- - - Updated - - -

And also.. the boy really wants to get back. And has been very sweet to me otherwise except for the last 1 month before engagement broke. That he says was out of frustration

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