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View Full Version : It is really obligatory or optional to do ablution before reciting namaz?

Nitro Zeus
01-09-2019, 01:11 AM
I heard that if one wishes to get his wishes cone true after 7 days, he must do ablution and then namaz.

I understand that for performing ritual prayers it is required to perform first ablution, because performing ritual prayers is annuled in first if one did not performed ablution. But what about namaz? Namaz is kind of a prayer which you can ask God for anything you desired to have it is kind of a synonyme for Dua, right?

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01-09-2019, 02:19 AM
Namaz is the Urdu/Farsi word for prayer. There is no difference between them.

Maybe what you've read about is known as Salat Al Hajat. See this thread Purpose/Success of Salat-ul-Hajat

Purpose/Success of Salat-ul-Hajat
I have been praying Salat-ul-Hajat for many months now. 9 months ago I experienced a very difficult emotional heartbreak from which I have not yet rec...

01-09-2019, 09:43 AM
Namaz is turkish for Salath.

01-09-2019, 10:39 AM
nimaz I worship of Allah

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