View Full Version : Is there any ways of getting anything you want from God?

Nitro Zeus
01-19-2019, 03:43 PM
I have some important wishes which I want to recite, like for example:

1) "O Allah, please activate my desire and Make it grow very fast and Make it be very strong to the point where I eventually start praying regulate like other Muslims do. I want to be a practical believer, not only ny name. And remove my laziness, paranoia and ambition of not praying forever. And Make me start praying regulare until my time is up without taking a single break."

2) "O Allah, please grant me miracles of seeking Your Permission for anything, guiding someone to the Truth and also the miracle of making any Supplication I like just like the Prophet had even though I am not a chosen one".

3) "O Allah Make my heart, feelings and mind to tell me to the point where I can know what is good and bad in Islamic point of view so that I wont be so worried and have doubts"
In first Supplication, I really need for this Supplication be accepted and answered very fast, because if He were to leave me alone to do certein things, I would do everything my mind tells me to do. Right now I'm in big trouble because I have this weird feeling of being lazy and I feel terrible, and I can start praying only when He Causes me to pray.

4) "O Allah, please Make my body to tell me that I have to do this and this, and Make it to also remind me that I have something to make and so on, to the point where I can have a wonderful and peaceful death and also to have a wonderful and splendid Day like never before so that I can feel relaxed and cooled on that Day"

5) "O Allah, please Make me to love to study in mathematical stuff, theology, History, Mechanics, IT, Islam, language, Biology, Anatomy, art and general culture. And Cause me to even study them, and Make me study and Make me to get very high intelligent in miraculous way to the point where I can impress my parents and my old christian teachers for my miraculous evolution so that they wont feel regrets that their efforts for teaching me is in vain, but to feel proud that they have succedded. And Make me be capable of having unique ideas and also power of making any unique type of futuristic advanced device and machine I want. Because I want to show some of my math teachers that I am capable of making new advanced devices because in past they did not even believed nor trusted me, and I ask You this for You are All Capable"

6) "O Allah, please Cause me to achieve a driving licence and Cause me to buy Dacia Duster after few years later after my graduation of my high school. Because I dreamt of having my first jeep so that I can drive anywhere I like even to the beach or to the mountains. And Cause me to have enouph money for me in the future so that when I want to go in vacation in Miami Beach and I want to take my car with me so that I wont need to take taxies or any public transports. Because, I dreamt of swimming in Miami Beach for long time. And Cause me to have my first vacation to be in Miami Beach, because I want to meet new people and also, it is my dream for long time to be there"

7) "O Allah, Cause me to stay away from any type of disbelief, and Cause me to do virtues which You enjoy without me to notice it, and Cause me to recite cursivily Islamic shahada at my last day, and Cause me to answer all of 3 grave questions correctly, and Cause me to have a pleasent death. Because, myself I'm unable to do this only if You would Cause me to do this. And place my dog Yorkshire to be with me in Paradise, because I want to have my pet also in Paradise with me, not only in this world"

And third Supplication, I really need to be answered because there is a Dua I used to recite it and before of the beginning of its supplication I make a clear intention, and later I may feel that I'm doing a disbelief and I'm hoping that I'm not and it is all in my mind.
Is there some guidelines which the Prophet taught us the secret of getting your Supplication instantly answered? Because, mine is very weak because I am a very weak Muslim and I am scared of my future situations.

If you have sometime, can you please forward this list of my Supplications to a Islamic priest? So that he can recite it during his prayer so that I can finally also start having those Supplications answered. For now, if I were to get those Supplications answered, I will be so grateful to God and I would take this wonderful advantage of doing easy works for earning a lot virtues without them to get cancelled.

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