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01-21-2019, 03:41 PM
*The crisis of relations between Brothers and Sisters*

A social phenomenon that has began to appear lately and in a very disturbing manner is: _"The crisis of relations between Brothers and Sisters."_

Brotherhood is not like a friendly relationship which you can end when your friend betrays you.

It is about the same blood running in your veins, so even if you ignore their presence in your life, your blood cells will scream in your veins and you will feel their presence.

_If you visit me, I will vist you._

If you give me, I will give you.

_If you do good to me, I will do good to you._

Those who measure brotherhood by the law of give and take, will gain nothing but a dry feeling and a distance away from them.

It is necessary to draw red lines for your wife, husband, or children when they grow up, and do not allow them to cross it.

Do not allow them to interfere with the relationship between you an your siblings.

Because most of the problems of separation between the brothers and sisters, lies in the interference of wives, husbands or children.

So do not allow them or others to interfere in shaping the relationship with your brothers and sisters, and push you towards the path of separation and distance.

If you allow it to happen, you will see the same scene repeating itself between your children, and their break up will make you unhappy.

The goodness of brotherhood is to feel their value in your life.

To miss them, to let them know that their problems and their worries are yours as well.

That tears come from your eyes before their eyes.

To be supportive at anything at their demand.

Brotherhood is not just about the same father's name embedded in the identity card, or official papers, or drawn in the family tree.

You have lived in the same house, you have eaten from the same plate, you have drunk from the same cup, you are keeping the same memories, and most importantly you shared the same womb.

Therefore you can not erase all of that, even if you try.

At the end of the day your conscience, and the blood that you share will remind you of your brothers and sisters.

So be sure that you do not give up on your brothers and sisters for anything in this world.

To continue to obey your parents after their death, is by obeying their brothers and sisters.

Is there any religion other than Islam which is concerned about the strong ties of brotherhood?

Alhamdulillah, _(Indeed- All praise is only for Allah)_ to those who have strong ties with the relatives.

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