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01-27-2019, 03:56 PM
Importance of Time in Islam
There is a popular saying "Time is Gold." Time in Islam is more than Gold or any precious material thing in this world. From all the religions, only Islam guides mankind not only to the importance of time but also how to value it. Allah the Almighty and His Messenger, Prophet Muhammad (PBUH), very clearly tell us the value of time, why we must not waste it and how we can make use of our time wisely to increase our Eeman (Faith) and thus attain success, especially eternal success in the life hereafter.
Both the Quran and the Sunnah enjoin Muslims to be conscious of time. We are reminded that life in this world is nothing but temporary. We never know when death has been appointed for us. We must value time for the satisfaction of Allah the Almighty. For our guidance and success, we must never waste time nor abuse it.
We at Islamise hope that you enjoy listening to the Nasheeds available on this site, but please remember that your time could be sent better in preparing for the hereafter.

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