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View Full Version : I found The next generations great Sheikh of this ummah - Abdul Haqq Al-Amreekee

01-28-2019, 01:20 PM
I was searching for something else last week until I ran accidentally into a little piece of the future without realizing at that point but the more I listened I realized that this is indeed without further doubt the next generations great sheikh. His around late 20s currently but mansha-Allah very mature. I was not expecting that but it is amazing how already the next generations of ulema are emerging from Madinah, Sudan and Mauritania. Then it finally hit me that this is indeed the mercy and blessing of Allah to mankind that these students come forth because they will spread the word of Allah in order to guide many people of the upcoming generations. Allah has gathered these next generation ulema in order to use them to guide the next generation youth who need guidance.

It was amazing getting an inside knowledge of the struggle they go through to seek knowlegde and the level of dedication that goes into it. I'm sure we will be hearing alot about Abdul Haqq in the not so distant future. I overall enjoyed the inside story of how they become ulema in the early stages and the humble beginnings it's indeed amazing tale.

You can follow him on Youtube

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01-28-2019, 04:05 PM
nevermind, i wrote a bad post just forget it, i edited it

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