View Full Version : The history of mankind has been written in a way to destroy it

02-01-2019, 07:27 AM
You have evolution theory which is highly contaminated and you start wondering who is behind this theory because it certainly was not darwin but someone else is behind it and in order to find this out we must ask ourselves who hates mankind enough to throw such insults at them?

The culprit becomes quite clear...

Ibless didn't bow them because he looked down on humans and was arrogant but in the theory of evolution he found a creative way to insult humans and make them believe the insults that they indeed were apes?

This is the greatest insult put down on a creation to another creation and they don't realize it but they are guarding this theory even hiding the big skeletons and bone remains of our ancient forefathers who walked the earth in order to make this theory alive.

the dinosaurs were just animals who co-existed with humans because our forefathers were larger than the dinosaurs anyways and they could be some of the animals alive today who have gone down in size just like us and others who have gone extinct. It is mix of some who have gone extinct and others who have gone down in size but still alive today.

Also the theory that humans are 7000 yrs old is absolutely nonsense and if we just examined the remains of these ancient skeletons we could have known for how long we walked the earth but now all that is being destroyed in order to force down the peoples throat something that is nonsense.

Human history has been the subject of great robbery in the last 2 century

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02-05-2019, 09:05 AM
I dont think we were apes, rather, a fluid which formed into a mucus like substance and then into other early fetal stages from which other counterparts banked their savings and chose to doss around and have fun instead of practicing sabr and jihaad like the early human being. I believe monkeys and pigs -which happen to be mentioned in the Quran as beings that were initially humans with less developed minds (though possibly in a specific case) - and which also have been discovered to be the closest surviving primates and organ donors - ....

Since they are the closest relatives to humans, non-human primates were first considered as a potential organ source for xenotransplantation to humans. Chimpanzees were originally considered the best option since their organs are of similar size, and they have good blood type compatibility with humans, which makes them potential candidates for xenotransfusions. However, since chimpanzees are listed as an endangered species, other potential donors were sought. Baboons are more readily available, but impractical as potential donors. Problems include their smaller body size, the infrequency of blood group O (the universal donor), their long gestation period, and their typically small number of offspring. In addition, a major problem with the use of nonhuman primates is the increased risk of disease transmission, since they are so closely related to humans.[20]

Pigs (Sus scrofa domesticus) are currently thought to be the best candidates for organ donation. The risk of cross-species disease transmission is decreased because of their increased phylogenetic distance from humans.[21] They are readily available, their organs are anatomically comparable in size, and new infectious agents are less likely since they have been in close contact with humans through domestication for many generations.[22] Current experiments in xenotransplantation most often use pigs as the donor, and baboons as human models.

.... are simply offshoots of a biological "tree" from which all biological organisms trace their ancestry.

Jesus did not hit earth like swarzenegger, and i don't think adam did either, rather he and jesus (who have equal parables) were both developed and evolved into the "matrix" and arrived at predetermined times.

Regarding the dinosaurs which ruled the earth, they too are very primitive species which look very much like evolved reptiles and that dragons too may have existed, and that iblees (who is often portrayed as a huge red dragon) was anticipating some sort of leadership position among the critters on earth before adam was chosen to take the wheel.

But that's all conjecture.

Regarding 7000 years, is it possible that the definition al-insaan was made then in order to seperate the future offspring from their less developed ancestors? We can see how the people of the world evolved differently and turned into distinct races until the current age of easy travel where mankind is remixed and made one again.
Logic shows that there are possibilities, and the parable of jesus and adam along with the facts we see before us in terms of genetic relationships and hybrid animal breeding indicate that Allah has left the line of enquiry open - hence the need to continue studying 'til the end, since over-passionate ownership of an idea is not usually wise since we know we can be proven wrong by Allah at any time until the last day.

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