View Full Version : television bothers me because of my autism, and my mother is addicted

02-03-2019, 04:31 PM
all she ever wants to do as a past time is watch TV and lay on her couch when she's not working all day either at work or in the home. i offer to help, but she says, "no youre supposed to help anyway, just let me watch my tv" so i dont help. i feel like she's depressed. she often sighs and says her life is bad, then says it's because she has to deal with "you two idiots" my brother and i. my brother is very disrespectful and treats her worse than a piece of dirt, or worse than a chattel slave. i have often confronted him, but this has led to violence and police coming and threatening us. one said, "if you two fight again, youre both going to jail," now i myself am broken mentally and depressed, and he is very verbally abusive with me, calling me a freak at least a dozen times a day. and he is my younger brother. he is angry with me for sexual issues i have. he keeps on calling me a pedophile (i'm not according to definition, and ive never hurt anyone) in arguments and says i should kill myself mocking the fact i often say i want to kill myself. my mother watches filthy sex references, immorality, and sex jokes. and all sorts of immorality. i tell its haram, she tells me "what about what you do?" (me being "lazy" (*coughs* depressed), me disrespecting her due to my own issues, etc.) or says "mind your own business" or "no its not!" and says to go upstairs if its too loud. what should i do? i cant even be upstairs with the door open, its a very small house, and if i close the door the cat cant get to its litter box, so i have to go to my room, not my mother's abandoned room (she sleeps downstairs due to her heart condition), and then i get tempted to masturbate or cuddle my pillow and i get schizophrenic like symptoms from maladaptive daydreaming. (very, very, very deep daydreaming that causes me much sorrow, often remembering tramautic events. my mom dont care).

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nevermind, i already convinced my mother by approaching with gentleness

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