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02-26-2019, 07:12 PM
As-salam alaikum,This is Shaista Arshi from Bangalore. I am a Sunni Muslim.Recently I started own business of garments but I am little confused if this is permissible in Islam.Their are two type of clothing business which I am doing.Both the business I post the pictures of the products online and take orders let explain.1.I have a tie up with manufacturer for women's garments like Saree, lehengas and western ware.So I tell my buyer clearly that I am taking this from a manufacturer and once they pay me I can place the order and I will ship it to them ( which I do).2. Now 2nd is bridal outfits which are made to order i take even these from manufacturers.But I tel my buyer I am manufacturer as my team will make it once advance payment is made and balance once the product is completed before I ship they need to clear.In this since once place the order and on my requirements the product is customize like the customer wants. Is it okay if I tel I am a manufacturer and my team makes it the manufacturer is aware of this that we are giving it to someone else and also that I said my team is working on it.Hence please help and let me know if this is hala way of business.

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02-27-2019, 12:51 AM

I am not a learned person on this matter but I have gone through the Quran looking for verses related to commerce. Very little is said on this matter but it lays the general philosophy in its practice, like do not overcharge, fair measure, to have agreements in writing and witnessed, no charging of interests etc.

However, the laws of the world today and standard business practices has clouded the process so it has become rather murky in my mind especially in the finance side as it involves riba.

So, in short I see that your trade is halal, except the definition you use for (B) as that might not be entirely true.


02-27-2019, 07:28 AM
For the 2nd business as I need to instruct them how to make and more over the customer knows I am not making it it's my team so again what should I say then.
How a person is behind the workers to get the work done I have to keep monitoring with the manufacturer as I take step by step proofs like how the product is made and share it with customer as it takes 30-45days. So can I address myself as manufacturer.
As I am instructing them to make it.

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